The Restaurant No Show App Reducing No Shows with Artifical Intelligence restaurant no show app

What is Showly?

Showly is our artificially intelligent restaurant no show reservation management system. The Showly app will review all your reservations and judge the cost of a no show and how likely this is to happen. 

From when the reservation is made to the time the table is booked for, the Showly app will work automatically to help stop this reservation becoming a restaurant no show.

What is a Restaurant No Show?

A restaurant no show is when a diner reserves a table and then does not turn up. It is not a “cancellation”, as the customer does not let the restaurant know they aren’t coming. 

How Showly Reduces your No Shows

Between when the reservation is made and when the customer is due to arrive, Showly will decide how best to contact them in order to reduce the chance of a no show. Showly will use it’s artificial intelligence to decide how big a cost to you a no show will be and how likely they are not to turn up. Showly will then contact the customer in an appropriate way. This could be an allergy request, an sms confirmation, an email reminder or simply no contact at all. Everything Showly does will increase the chance that the customer will turn up on time.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Showly analyses every reservation individually using adaptive AI and chooses what actions to perform dynamically as the reservation time approches.

Showly is in the Cloud

Showly is in the cloud! This means Showly is available from anywhere in the world 24/7. Showly is always available to manage your reservations and reduce no shows.

Use the Showly App

Showly is available on our no show app. Available for Android phones, iPhones, Tablets, iPads - also we have an adaptive web app available on any device.

Why Choose Showly for your Restaurant

Showly is the first restaurant no show management system powered by Artifical Intelligence. Showly works with any existing booking system, whether it’s a reservation book or an online booking system such as Order Wizard or Open Table.  For any reservation you want Showly to manage, just let them know about the booking and everything else will be taken care of for you.

1. Send your Reservation to Showly

Add your diner reservation information and send it to Showly. If you use Order Wizard then this is done automatically. Showly is in the cloud and available 24/7.

2. Showly Analyses your Reservation

Showly will us its Artifical Intelligence to review the diner's reservation and decide how big a cost to you a no show will be, and how likely they are to not turn up.

3. Showly Manages your Reservation

Leading up to the reservation time Showly will contact the diner in various ways reduceing the chance of a no show. This could be an allergy request, an sms confirmation, an email reminder or other request.