Get Started with Showly and Reduce your No Shows

Showly is coming soon. Once it is available you will be able to start reducing your no shows in minutes by following these steps:

1. Sign up to Showly for Free

Start reducing your restaurant no shows for free by sigining up to Showly on our website or by downloading the app.

2. Add your Restaurant Information

Setup your account by adding your restaurant information ready for your first reservation.

3. Send your Reservation to Showly

Add your diner reservation information and send it to Showly. If you use Order Wizard then this is done automatically.

4. Showly Analyses your Reservation

Showly will us its Artifical Intelligence to review the diner's reservation and decide how big a cost to you a no show will be and how likely they are to not turn up.

5. Showly Manages your Reservation

Leading up to the reservation time Showly will contact the diner in various ways reducuing the chance of a no show. This could be an allergy request, on sms confirmation, an email reminder or simply no contact at all.

6. Your Diner Fullfils their Reservation

Everything Showly does will increase the chance that the customer arrives on time. The diner should arrive for the reservation, alert you to any changes or let you know if they cannot attend.