How No Shows impacts many different Industries

No shows, the act of not turning up for an appointment, has an enormous impact on many different industries.

How are these industries impacted by customers ghosting them?

Ghosting is another name for a no show. This is often when customers make multiple bookings and only turn up for one – or make a booking and then don’t turn up without in formaing the business.

How No Shows affect Hotels

Research showed the hotel industry average No-Show rate as one-to-two % of all reservations. When the number of No-Show rooms this represents is multiplied by the average room rate, the result is an estimated expense to the hotel industry of $50 to $100 million per year¹.

How No Shows affect Doctors

In the U.K more than 15 million general practice appointments are wasted each year as a result of no shows. There are around 307 million sessions scheduled with GPs, nurses, therapists and other practice staff every year and 5% – one in twenty – are missed. That works out as around 15.4 million missed slots. Of these, around 7.2million are with busy family doctors, which adds up to more than 1.2 million GP hours wasted each year – the equivalent of over 600 GPs working full time for a year².

BioMed Central (BMC) Health Services conducted a 12-year study of no-show rates at 10 regional/community hospitals in Houstonᵌ, including primary care and various subspecialty settings (gastrointestinal, audiology, urology, etc.). The goal was to evaluate the prevalence, predictors, and economic consequences of patient no-shows. In the 10 hospitals studied, the average no show rate was 19 %. Other studies have placed the rate at 10-30 % for inner-city clinics, community health centres and university medical centres, 2-15 % for private practices⁴ and over 20 % at the national level.

How No Shows affect Hairdressers

Research carried out by Phorest software showed that among London based salons, the average number of no shows each month was 21. With an average treatment value of £38.25, that is £803. 25 a month and equates to a whopping £9,639 per year⁵ caused by!

How No Shows affect Trades/HVAC

Businesses that rely on meeting customers at their home, such as electricians, plumbers or those who need to make deliveries, are among those losing £53 billion a year, due to people not being at home at the pre-arranged time. 28% of customers when interviewed said they had simply forgotten they had made the appointment⁶.

How No Shows affect Dentists

Patients who fail to attend appointments create a series of problems. They are depriving another patient -who perhaps has to be treated privately- of the opportunity to receive NHS treatment. Since 80% of a dentist’s income is treatment related, by not showing patients cause a loss of income to the practise.  Patients who fail to honour appointments will, perhaps, want to be treated later, therefore contributing to the development of long waiting lists for dental services⁷.

What can they do to stop no shows?

Like many restaurants, other industries are having to introduce No Show management systems. This style of system, in the form of an app, contacts customers to remind them of their appointments and pre-arranged commitments.

One such system is Showly, the new No Show Management app. Showly is not just a standard appointment system and works with any existing booking system, whether it’s an appointment book or an online booking system. Between when the appointment is made and when the customer is due to arrive, Showly will decide how best to contact the customer in order to reduce the chance of a no show. Showly will use its artificial intelligence to decide how big a cost to you a no show will be and how likely they are not to arrive.

How can Showly help reduce no shows?

Showly analyses every appointment individually using adaptive artificial intelligence and chooses what actions to perform dynamically as the appointment time approaches. Showly will then contact the customer in an appropriate way. This could be an sms confirmation, an email reminder or simply no contact at all. Everything Showly does will increase the chance that the customer will attend their appointment.

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